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After years of work in the corporate world, Nancy decided it was time for a life change, time to do something FUN!

During her career as an event planner, Nancy so enjoyed the excitement she saw on her attendees faces when they noticed what she had done to coordinate the event. She made it fun, classy and the food buffets were oh so pleasing to the eye. She began exploring a way to incorporate her love for planning events and using her creative juices, she decided “hmmmmm, what about a candy buffet?”

Nancy was invited to an event given by one of her good friends and she asked if she could use this event as a trial run prior to deciding on her new venture.
She spent a lot of time researching, sourcing and carefully selecting a beautiful and colorful mix of treats.  Once the guests arrived at the event, she was ecstatic to see the delight on the guests faces as they marveled over the candy buffet.

Over the next few weeks following the event, there were so many comments made to her friend about the candy buffet. They so admired how lovely and delicious it was. Everyone inquired as to how they could have a candy buffet at their event.

At that moment, Candyland Catering became her reality…

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